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March 26, 2013
Located On Ontario’s South Coast
April 8, 2013

Norfolk County is rich in agriculture and we are lucky enough to live here!

At The Erie Beach Hotel, we have been proudly serving local products for years. During  your next visit, be sure to try our local wines and beer and of course our famous Pickled Pumpkin.


Each October we have approximately 2 tonnes of Norfolk County pumpkin delivered to the hotel in preparation for our pickling session.




Here is a list of our local products:
Ramblin’ Road Brewery
Burning Kiln Winery
Dover Vineyards
VG Meats
Jensen Cheese
The Cider Keg
Norwich Packers
Silverlake Vodka
Hewitt’s Dairy
Sun Choice Produce
– Pleasant Port Fish Company 519-428-8949
– Lakeshore Fish Company 519-583-3445
Powell’s Patch
– Lakeview Blues 519-428-2066
Dennis’ Horseradish
– Azores Cambridge Bakery 519-623-2660


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